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[EU] [DRGN Gaming] [Tryouts!!!] [1700+mmr] [GC]

SirSealSirSeal Member Posts: 25 Rookie

We DRGN are looking for highly motivated players with a positive mindset! 

What do we want from you:
- Dedication to the team (joining teamtraining and scrims)
- A positive mindset while playing
- Comfortable with communicating in game
- Atleast peaked around 1700-1750 mmr (we will accept anything above that if you meet the other requierments)
- Being able to give and recieve feedback/tips (we are a team)

To add on to this i want to mention that we will try out everyone who applies to this post. Tryouts will end one or two weeks after i had the first tryout. 

We want to compete in as many qualifiers as possible and maybe get a spot in the competitive scene. 

About us:
DRGN Gaming is a in Belgium based gaming organisation that have teams in different games: CSGO, PUBG, League of Legends, Rocketleague and Rainbow6Siege. We have a contract based roster so if you feel that you meet the requierments send me a message on discord! 

For us (Rocketleague) it is important that we strive to imrpove everyday. I (Timmu, Netherlands) am the team leader so for any questions you can hit me up, the other player is KeyLai (France). 

I hope to see you in my mailbox in Discord! 

SirSeal^^#6283   (In game name: Timmu)
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