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Shuriken Esports Looking For Competitive Player.

Pokeman035Pokeman035 Member Posts: 7 Rookie
I am one of the main players of a team named Shinobi under the Shuriken Esports franchise. Shuriken Esports participate in a league named Indy Gaming League. A league that values all players and even include other games like Magequit and Apex Legends. Shinobi is a team in tier 2 which is a tier that values the ranks of C3-1599- GC. The league goes on 4 times a year based upon season, (Winter. Spring, Summer and Fall). Summer Circuit is starting within a week and a half and we wish to bring a 5th player on the roster. Shinobi is a 3s North American East team and currently have 4 players on the roster. Shinobi in a whole has won many circuits and has made playoffs every time for the past year. We are currently trying out MID C3 - 1580 GC- for our roster. If you do wish to try out, message me on discord at Pokeman035#0952 Keep in mind though that if you do try out, it will only be a sub spot, not a main spot. So your not guaranteed to play the match every week. We just wish to have a 5th player on the roster to make sure we have enough players to play every week incase of internet issues/ Availability issues. To join the roster you will go through a series of tryouts against others that want to join and with the current roster to see how playstyles fit each other and chemistry. We also ask that you are active a decent amount and are always co operative with the future of the team. Again, If you want to try out, Shoot me a message on discord at Pokeman035#0952 

PS. If you don't make the roster however, Shuriken Esports has many other teams that you may try out for if they have spots available on their rosters as well!


  • bhave26bhave26 Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    A good Apex player and positive mindset person is ready to serve you with his best.
  • iTsNot_YoBiiTsNot_YoBi Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hi my name is Yoav
    Im playing this games since season one. Rank 1 in israel. Speaking english and looking to play compettive as well. If you guys still need players send me a massege
  • Nike_chillsNike_chills Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    I'm a rainbow player looking for an reports team
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