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[NA] Dark Space eSports looking for 4 Main roster players.

Sloth.DSeSloth.DSe Member Posts: 73 Aspirant

Dark Space eSports

Dark Space eSports is looking for 4 Main Roster players 1 for our Neptune roster and 3 for our Jupiter roster.

What we are looking for:
  1. Skilled Mechanically
  2. Age 17+
  3. Able to take Criticism.
  4. Able to give criticism
  5. Able to work well with others
What we can offer:
  1. Coaching
  2. Scrims, Leagues, and affiliations to use on your streams.
  3. Practices
If any of this interests you please DM me on Discord at: Sloth#2819, Email me at [email protected], or fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. uPlay:
  2. Discord:
  3. Age:
  4. Timezone:
  5. Region:
  6. Top 3 Attackers:
  7. Top 3 Defenders:
  8. Favorite Maps:
  9. What would make us choose you over others?:


  • PeblsPebls Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    16 (ik not old enough but i want to improve so if i could get some pointers that would be amazing)
    ash zofia twitch/iq
    Vigil bandit mute/smoke I can play who u want me to tho for defense
    border coastline club house
    Im not saying that i wouldn't want to be on your team but i can take a no, but if you don't pick me i want to at least be able to be in your discord to improve myself at the game
  • ShateredSniperShateredSniper Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    edited June 2020
    Didn't realize it was na. My bad
  • HerxeHerxe Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    Uplay: Herxe.
    Discord: Herxe#2139
    Age: 17
    Timezone: Central
    Region: SCUS (South Central)
    Top Attacking and Defending: Ash, Zofia, IQ. Vigil, Bandit, Smoke
    I don't have a favorite
    I can take constructive criticism, I am very disciplined and unlike most players, I won't turn toxic after taking criticism. 
    Hello, I'm new to ESL and have decided to up my level of play. I came to PC in the beginning of Feb. and have progressed since then. I have a good set of skills. I came from Xbox being a level 223. I have the game knowledge and awareness required to be successful. Ever since I have came to PC I have hit Plat 2 twice and Plat 3 once. I have a K.D of 1.6 and consider myself a fragger. I am very flexible when it comes to playing support when we are down or need the extra person pushing site directly or am needed to help hold down site on defense. I am a team player when needed. I have good communication skills and am fully aware of every call out on each map. If support is okay, I typically aim for utility when playing entry fragger to not only help me push inside but to help the team. If I am not needed, I play my best when I don't need to help with site and focus on my role, fragging.
  • JamalOsheaJamalOshea Member Posts: 1 One post wonder

    uPlay: Clyxzz_Discord: JamalOshea#3214Age: 18Timezone:Australian Eastern Standard TimeRegion: auTop 3 Attackers: monty, iq, zofia
    Top 3 Defenders: vigil, mozzie/valk, doc
    Favorite Maps: border, bank, consulateWhat would make us choose you over others?: i have great game sense willing to grind hard on scrims and work with a team to go high as possible
  • GalacticVoid367GalacticVoid367 Member Posts: 10 Rookie

    1. uPlay: Void.HEXED
    2. Discord: Void.HEXED#5786
    3. Age: 18
    4. Timezone: Central Daylight Time
    5. Region: North Eastern Indiana
    6. Top 3 Attackers:Twitch, Zofia, Thatcher
    7. Top 3 Defenders: Maestro, Valkyrie, Goyo
    8. Favorite Maps: Border, Coastline, Consulate
    9. What would make us choose you over others?:I am an extremely active and dedicated player. I practice for at least 2 hours every single day. I want you to choose me over others because I am very open minded and take constructive criticism as a chance to improve. I am non-toxic and always take the game seriously. I am sick and tired of solo queuing with no coordination of randoms and need a team to play with. I am available almost every day and am willing to put in the work to make it here. My overall goal is to make it to the pros and compete professionally. I grind all the time and am always up for any feedback and would very much enjoy scrims.
  • SpreadThatCheekSpreadThatCheek Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    1. Uplay: Dwarfx.
    2. Discord Dwarf#7777
    3. Age: 16
    4. Timezone: Eastern day light
    5. East
    6. Top attackers: Iq, Zof, Ace
    7. Top defenders: bandit, lesion, smoke, jager
    8. favorite maps: Villa, Oregon, Kafe
    9. Very active player, always looking to improve, Can play as a team, Always calling stuff out.
  • Yeti.DGYeti.DG Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Hey man idk if it’s to late but here’s my info
    Yeti.DG (no I’m
    Not the guy from disrupt or eu sorry)
    Eastern standard time
    Zofia, thermite, twitch
    Vigil, bandit, maestro
    Definitely bank
    Tbh. idk I have good call outs and map knowledge, my biggest thing is my strive to get better, I’ve been playing a long time started on PS4 and came over to pc. I really wanna just play and get better. I do have some tournament experience me and my group of friends played in the NA open that happened earlier this year. I’ll gladly take coaching and listen to everything anyone says, I’m hardcore support. Hard breach and soft breach type support on attack and I prefer roaming on defense but can anchor look forward possibly playing for you guys.
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