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OutKast OG Looking For Players

xContro PXxContro PX Member Posts: 10 Rookie
OutKast OG is looking for a couple players we play in a league that we run with our 2 other team the org is Oathsworn Gaming

Plat 3 up
Consistent player that works well with a team and can take criticisms
Would love some flexible players able to play multiple roles
Be willing to scrim practice and play matches
We dont care about KD for any role so dont be scared by a bad KD
ABSOLUTELY NO MNK you will be immediately removed for any usage of mnk


  • KextuKextu Member Posts: 14 Rookie
    I’m a G1 rn but am 2 matches away from plat 3 and have been plat the last 3 seasons, I play flex
  • KextuKextu Member Posts: 14 Rookie
    GT is Kextu
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