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Odin Gaming is recruiting! (NA)

BlueTychonBlueTychon Member Posts: 19 Rookie
Due to some IRL misfortunes, Odin Gaming now has 2 positions open that need to be filled. The first being a main spot on the roster, and the second being a team substitute position.

For the main position we are looking for a fragger, but details can be flexible. We currently run 3 flex/support, 1 main support, and hopefully you!

As for the sub position, with all of our busy schedules you will get plenty of playtime meaning ranked, scrimms, and tourneys. On top of that full strat rundowns, tips and tricks, and coaching if needed. You're one of the boys!

The only requirements for both positions are:
15+ age
Plat 3+ Rank
Chill attitude 
NA based server

Please contact me on Discord at: NotBlue#8417 or on Xbox at: l Blue l OG for a tryout!
Let's start Steel Wave off with a bang!
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