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Aryzen eSports are looking for 4 players and 2 subs for their RED Roster. (NA PC

figurefigure Member Posts: 22 Rookie
Here are our requirements:

1. Consistency is an essential to the team. We will of course under if you cannot make a Go4 or Practice however you should tell us ahead of time and try to not repeat it over and over again since commitment is critical to us.

2. We do not tolerate with toxicity. If we notice this, there is a huge chance you will get banned and removed from our list.

3. Be willing to improve. You must be able to take criticism from others, this is one of the best ways to show us you have the ability to be on a competitive team.

4. Any age is acceptable to us as long as you act mature.

5. Ranked does not display your actual skill level but we would like you to be at least high gold.

6. Lastly we don't want to be teaching you the basics. You should already know your map callouts and such.

If you are interested, please dm me so I can redirect you to our official discord server

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