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Team Recruitment!

Eclipse.Eclipse. Member Posts: 2 Rookie

[NA] [PC] Dark Star eSports Is now recruiting! We are looking to make two  t3 teams to help us move to a higher level of gameplay!

We are currently looking for a Team Captain and players!  (Team Captains will still play on the team!)

-Requirements for team captain:

Must NOT be toxic


-Must meet team requirements 

-Must be able to make large and small decisions

-Must be able to semi-manage as am very busy

-Must be mature 

 Requirements for team:

-great knowledge and understanding of competitive play 

- Must be willing to accept mistakes and move on as a team.

-work together and implement new strats, ideas, changes.

 -work with the team overall to improve gameplay 

-work individually with players to improve gameplay 

-available 6/7 days a week

-18+ years old

- organized and ready to work


-Dedicated and patient

-Diamond - Champ


 Dm me this:


 Previous Comp Exp:



 Why you think you are the right fit for the team:



Dark Star eSports is a decently new org, it has been around for about a bit more than a month and used to be called Exiled Empire.

My DM's are open until around 3 AM EST! 

We have a nice, active and friendly community inside the discord server!

We currently have 3 rosters: Dark Academia (Tournament team A), Crisis eSports, And we have Tournament team B (which is yet to be named)

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