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3 people looking for a team (willing to be subs and so on)(EU)

Valiant XVIIValiant XVII Member Posts: 9 Rookie
edited June 2020 in Recruitment (Xbox)
All 3 of us are looking for a team to join a team. Would be willing to be in main roster, subs, strat management and so on. All of us  have enough time to contribute towards a team and are willing to put time aside to dry run strats and play as a team in ranked.
  • Highest Rank - Diamond
  • Current Rank - Plat 3 (Only Done Placements)
  • Overall K/D - 1.54
  • Most Played Attacker - Hibana
  • K/D - 2.18
  • Most Played Defender - Bandit
  • K/D - 1.76
  • Preferred Attacker - Hibana
  • K/D - 2.18
  • Preferred Defender - Vigil
  • K/D - 2.14 
I like to clear out roamers first on attack as well as gain as much information as possible before committing to a plan of attack. On defense I prefer to play a shallow roam as this allows me to get the upper hand on my opponents and can also quickly rotate back to site when needed. 
Myself and Spaghetti have strats saved that we had made from our previous roster, we are always up for making new strats based off of team requirements and changes withing the meta or maps as well to ensure they are always up to date.
  • Highest Rank  - Plat 2
  • Current Rank - Gold 1 (Only Done Placements)
  • Overall K/D - 1.46
  • Most Played Attacker - Ash
  • K/D -1.34
  • Most Played Defender - Jager
  • K/D - 1.33
  • Preferred Attacker - Thermite
  • K/D - 1.43
  • Preferred Defender - Smoke
  • K/D - 0.91
I like to micro manage at the start of rounds. More conservative but will take risks when best suited. I'm often on cameras/drones for the team and giving call-outs for people. 
I help Valiant with testing strats and figuring out where is the best place for people to be and where to put gadgets. We also run through maps looking for angles to use to implement into our strats that other players may not expect or even know of yet.  _______________________________________________________________________________________         
Itz Mxh
  • Highest Rank - Gold 
  • Current Rank - Gold 
  • overall K/D - 0.93
  • Most Played Attacker - Sledge
  • K/D - 0.85
  • Most Played Defender - Jager
  • K/D - 0.91
  • Preferred Attacker - Sledge
  • K/D - 0.85
  • Preferred Defender - Mute
  • K/D - 0.70
I like to clear out roamers on attack first before the main push and then once we have control of around the site i like to play vertically when possible but when its not I play around my team on the main push. When on defense I like to anchor and hold down the site for the team or I shallow roam next to site and fall back when needed.


  • MLON Se3dMLON Se3d Member Posts: 7 Rookie
    Hey, we have a team of 4 atm and we are willing to attempt a 5th since out last was no good enough we are a plat 3 average team. Any one of u or all can message me at MLON Se3d on xbox eu. Preferably within 24 hours since we are attempting a tournament on the 14 and we need a 5th ty
  • IV VanZIV VanZ Member Posts: 25 Rookie
    My team would like to pick all 3 of u up possibly I’ll msg u on Xbox
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