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Looking for a support player

Looking for one player, over the age of 16, ideally with past experience at tier 3/4 level, although any level of experience will be considered. The player should be able to commit ample time to the team and game as a whole. This time will consist of various actvities, although mostly scrimming, the player will be expected to spend time learning strats and dry running them with the team, eventually leading to taking part in leagues and tournaments. Ambition to go far, improve(both as a team and individually) and win is expected. The player is to be playing an support role, and an overall be one of the main information gathering elements of the team, and as such must be profficient in droning/camera work, and be an intelligent player, who has good communication. Player roles may change in future, due to roster changes, or stratigical changes, and as such the player must be willing to learn new playstyles, and play for the team rather than for themselves.

If you believe you would fit this team add me on discord TOMMY#1836

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