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RoadKill Gaming is recruiting new members!

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Indy Gaming League (IGL) is starting their next season (known as a circuit) on July 6th, with registration currently OPEN! The current season is almost over, and we're looking to recruit new members to join us for the upcoming season! 

We are a friendly, welcoming community. Our members play any and all games and often use the server as their hangout. The main goal of RK has always been to maintain a friendly environment for all of our players, and to offer as much support as possible for those that want to take the next step, or maybe even their 1st step, in their Rocket League Career. 

We offer free coaching from players ranging from C2 all the way up to 1900+!

We will be having a meeting and announcing the dates and other info for the season in the next few weeks.

Circuit Details

Prior to the start of the circuit, we hold tryouts.(it's also totally ok if you have friends you gel with and want to be on a team with them! They're more than welcome to join alongside you)This is to see how many participants we have and divide them into the appropriate tiers.

Each team within RK will have it's own team section of the server for scheduling, chat, replays, voice, etc. It's important to us that all of our teams have their privacy.

Teams are responsible for scheduling their own matches. The captains of each team communicate what times/days work best and you go from there.

The circuit lasts 10 weeks. 6 regular season matchs + 4 postseason matches. You also have the option of having your matches streamed by IGL casters!

If you're interested in joining our family, feel free to hop in to our server and introduce yourself! We're looking forward to having you. GLHF!
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