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Need 4 players for new team eu

bhogarth55bhogarth55 Member Posts: 14 Rookie
edited May 29 in Recruitment (PS4)
Hello I am making a new team and need 4 players (1 hard support 1 flex and 2 fraggers) if u are interested message me at bhogarth55 the

requirements are plat 3+ got to have mic gotta be dedicated and need to be on regularly


  • The_Tw1zzlerThe_Tw1zzler Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Are you still looking for people if yes. I‘m currently Plat 1, have been a diamond for some seasons I have a 1.3 w/l and 1.5 k/d.

    Psn: The_Tw1zzler
    Age: 21
    Favourite ops: Lesion, Bandit, Jäger,Wamai,Zofia,Twitch, Thatcher
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