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Indy Gaming League Org Looking For New Players

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What is Indy Gaming League?
Indy Gaming League is a league mostly based around Rocket League but hosts circuits around other games too like Apex Legends and MageQuit. Circuits happen 4 times a year based upon season and they have a 6 week play in period and a playoffs afterwards. It is filled with competitive people and also people who just want to play for fun. All circuit teams are put into a tier based system based upon their highest rank within the last 3 seasons.
Tier 1: 1600+ GC
Tier 2: C3-1599- GC
Tier 3: C1-C2
Tier 4: D2-D3
Tier 5: P3-D1
Tier 6: P1-P2
Tier 7: <G3
There are many players in each tier looking for a competitive scene/feel and you can be apart of it today!

Why Shuriken Esports
Shuriken Esports is currently one of the biggest orgs in this league and we are looking for an even bigger player base to share this experience with. With having a very supportive community, we even have streamers that can cast your matches and weekly streams that your team can be apart of. We even have the option of joining any of our current teams, or making your own team! You can bring your friends and make your own competitive team under our org and represent us out on the field! We also have upcoming merch as well as coaching services to assist your gameplay! All ranks are treated the same and with value because every player matters. All ranks are welcome and even if you don't want to make or join a team, just join voice chat and hang out with the community, we would love to have you. Put your discord below in the comments and a member of our community will be sure to get back to you within 48 hours with a link to the discord so you can become a Shuriken Master!


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