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looking for coach and sub for 1770 mmr team.

WafflessWaffless Member Posts: 5 Rookie
What's up, my name is Snaq and I'm the Rocket League division leader and Varsity player for eSports team Exxel Gaming!

Exxel Gaming is an org with an amazing community and lots of teams in lots of different games!
We're looking to expand our Rocket League division for we only have one team as of now, and we're also looking for a determined coach with experience to help bring the team to its full potential! In more detail about these positions:

Player: In a player, we're looking for someone who is set on improving as a player and is willing to put in the time with their teammates to make that happen! Here at Exxel Gaming, we have the best players we can possibly find! Every Varsity team member is at least 1750 MMR, so in a player, we're looking for someone who is 1650 MMR minimum (GC's only).

Coach: As for a coach, we're looking for someone with extensive knowledge and experience with the game. Preferably 1650+ MMR and it would be important for any potential coach to have experience with high-level gameplay, either as a player or a coach. Something we offer to our coaches is their fair share of any money that their team makes in tournaments/competition-related money, so there are benefits to a coach as well!

For any questions or to apply, you can comment on this post with your discord, or contact me on discord at Snaq#6702. Thanks!

We look forward to hearing from you!
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