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Eu flex/support player looking for team

Barefuzzball84Barefuzzball84 Member Posts: 21 Rookie
edited May 26 in Rainbow Six (English)
I am plat 3 with a 1.2 kd
Defence I can play any role especially smoke and maestro
Attack I can play any role except kali but am especially good at thermite sledge and buck

My goals: to make it to the highest level of siege and I will strive to help my team mates in any way and will be able to take criticism

I am able to make quick and hard decisions and make counter strategy half way through a round
Age 15


  • CodzyCodzy Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hey Bare, would you be able to add my discord? 22,4#2499
    i am setting up a team and looking for promising people we can build on
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