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[EU] Committed Competitve Players Wanted!

LeaoLeao Member Posts: 26 Rookie
Who are we?
Hello! We are an Amateur European Gaming Organisation known as nV eSports. We started as primarily Rainbow Six Siege but now starting to rebuild and expand to other games, so we are new to the CS:GO Competitive scene. We are looking for competetive, committed players with a coach and/or analyst to join that want to compete, impove, have fun and be part of a commuinty

What are we looking for?
-Competitve Players
-Players that are experienced and knowlegable in terms of CS
-Players that want to improve
-Players that are available to play/practice often

Why us?
-We are offering a full team with a Coach and an Analyst Position(s)
-We have experience in the competitive industry within other games
-We have good facilities for our players
-Social Media exposure
-Regular Competition (if you're committed and regularly practicing)

How do I join?
Simple! Just join our public discord: https://discord.gg/fa6parZ where we will discuss recruitment and if accepeted, you will be invited to our private discord for just players and members where you will be able to have you playing/practicing space.

Hopefully I see you there,
Leao 3
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