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[NA] c2/c3 Looking for ORG/Team

Mikee0085Mikee0085 Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
I am Mikee from Canada and looking for a Org/Team.
I hover in the c2-c3 area.

I'm very defensively orientated, My strengths would be making Blocks, Saves, 50-50 Contests, Aerial Contests. I can shut down all types of play-styles and control space/force mistakes and also put the ball in good positions for my teammates to play off of, if your familiar with basketball terms I play like a Defensive/Play-making Point Guard.

As for weaknesses I don't possess the mechanical skill in certain aspects of the offensive game. It is something I'm actively trying to improve upon and is most likely the main reason I can't seem to make it to GC, I wouldn't say my Offensive skill set is necessarily bad, I am an accurate shooter, I can hit very complex shots from complex angles consistently, but my air dribble/ceiling shot game is near non-existent at this moment.

New on the forum, looking for a serious team/Org to give me a shot.

Thanks. :)


  • Pokeman035Pokeman035 Member Posts: 7 Rookie
    Message me on discord: Pokeman035#0952 I am apart of an org that participates in Indy Gaming League and they have 4 competitive circuits a year with 6 week play in period and playoffs afterwards. We have many teams that you can tryout for within your rank/tier and we even provide the possibility of making your own team! If you are interested, message me on the provided discord above
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