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When did ESL Play lose it's fun and purpose? When did ESL die for newcomers into the e-Sports scene?

SynergySynergy Member Posts: 4 Rookie
Since the end of ESL versus some time ago (2017/2018 I suppose), the platform itself degraded into becoming a less joyful experience overall. As well as all the fun stuff we had back in the days to earn various awards, levels and rewards.
Where have all the 4 season event gone, interactive competitions and honor systems.
Nowadays the platform just seems to consist of few Go4s , community cups and 1v1 tournaments without any sense of reward and spirit behind the platform and it's community. Back in the days the list of games was long and varied, with a lot of competitions to explore and participate. And Versus matchmaking was booming it's chosen games. Maybe times just have changed and it's irreversible and other sites have taken over. But I am asking all of you... where did everything go wrong for ESL PLAY? Could it have went a different path?



  • ArgusArgus Member, ESL Staff, Global Moderator Posts: 17 ✭✭
    Here is the thing about the versus, it was on a steady decline for a while, which was the main reason why it was closed.
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