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Looking For Players (EU)

TraiikololoTraiikololo Member Posts: 86 Aspirant

I'm looking to build a strong roster with like minded individuals that have a passion for the game as I do and aspire to compete on a higher level of play. Currently its just me but I'm experienced in building teams from the ground up well.

Requirements : 

- Language: Must speak a fluent level of English for communication purposes.
- Location: Preferably resident in the UK., but willing to be flexible within reason.
- Be available for a minimum of 3 out of 7 Days for Official Matches and Practice Scrims
- Must bring a " I want to be here attitude", 3 strike system is in place for no-shows for matches and scrims.
- Able to take criticism in a positive manner, we are here to help you improve, and criticism is a key part of that.
- Be available to travel outside of the UK for Tournament / Competitions.
- At least faceit level 5 
- Lots of time for team/personal practice
- Team experience
- Dedication/Motivation

add me if you are interested in joining,


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