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Rainbow Six Siege - Looking For Players | PlayStation4 , EU

ConnorWilson180ConnorWilson180 Member Posts: 9 Rookie
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Bewitched eSports are currently looking to sign some new players for the team.

In recent weeks our team has broken down with people leaving due to the lockdown restrictions endings and interest being taken some place else aswell as people just moving on with the team.

This brings me to the point that me and my Vice Captain are now looking to rebuild the team we know and love. My Vice Captain and myself are both a couple of games into Plat2.

We are looking for players with good map knowledge, good calls and a good team spirit to try being something new to the side.

We will also being carrying the team over to FACEIT when ESL and Siege fully split in the next coming weeks.

Please message ConnorWilson180 on PSN if interested!

Sorry for the long read, but Thank You for your time.


  • ConnorWilson180ConnorWilson180 Member Posts: 9 Rookie
    Apologies for the long read guys! Just some background about our team. Short comment here, 2Plat2’s looking to rebuild the team. Good Fragger and Support Players Ideally Needed.

    Message ConnorWilson180 on PS4 or comment on this thread if interested!
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