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TeamZPE CS:GO Player Recruitment 16-18

P34NuTP34NuT Member Posts: 29 Rookie

Zero Point Energy are currently recruiting players between 16-18 to form a new CS:GO Squad, this squad will be focused at training for competitive play, such as competing at LAN Events in the UK and other Countries, as well as Online Cups and Tournaments.


- Language: Must speak a fluent level of English for communication purposes.
- Location: Preferably resident in the UK., but willing to be flexible within reason.
- Recruiting both Male and Female players.
- Be available for a minimum of 3 out of 7 Days for Official Matches and Practice Scrims
- Non-Toxic. We have zero tolerance for toxic behavior, such as muting mic during matches, racism towards team mates and other teams, and other toxic behavior which has an impact on fellow team mates and on the image/reputation of the team.
- Must bring a " I want to be here attitude", 3 strike system is in place for no-shows for matches and scrims.
- Able to take criticism in a positive manner, we are here to help you improve, and criticism is a key part of that.
- Be able to provide proof of ID when requested.
- Be available to travel outside of the UK for Tournament / Competitions.

Player Roles:
Recruiting all player positions*

Team Owners and Admins have prior LAN and Tournament experience which we can pass down onto our newly formed squad. 

What we provide as a team - 

- Private Match Servers for practice scrims and official matches

- Discord Server with a private community of former experienced competitive players Ranging from former Competitive/LAN/Semi Pro and Professional backgrounds. Along with a new expanding public community of other CS players looking to improve and find team opportunities.

- TeamSpeak server exclusively private for our competitive team members for more clearer communications

- Website with forums which is always being improved and continually developed towards the teams needs and demands

- Prize Money from LAN's is paid directly to our Squads who win it.

Also as a competitive team member of TeamZPE you will receive:

- Paid Entry to LAN + Sleeping provisions. (examples: Insomniagamingfestival, EpicLan, TheGathering (Norway) and other LAN events the competitive squad is ready to attend.)
- Team Premium Account Funding.
- Team Uniform.
- Other benefits made available depending on time committed to Team.
and most importantly a chance to be apart of awesome family that keeps growing and will continue to grow.

For More Information:

Visit our Discord and either contact P34NuT or a member of the Admin Team and make them aware you have seen this post on the ESL Forums.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/88PGV5a


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