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Clan looking for new members for MM/Casual!

AssualtGamingAssualtGaming Member Posts: 12 Rookie
Hello there! I'm Assualt, one of the lieutenants from Winter Clan, a very active and lively group of mixed rank, mixed age, mixed nationality players.

We are looking for players of any age or ability to join our 7000+ members for regular fun with MM, help with missions or just to sit and have a chat with other nice people.

Our group contains people from all areas of life, is very diverse and we are proud of that!

Players under 16 will sadly not be considered due to the likelihood of adult themes being discussed in our Discord channel https://discord.gg/RAcgDTU
Our main focus is PEOPLE first, RANK second. Although we do have lots of people happily climbing the ranks in a friendly, social environment, there is no judgement here. The average rank in our group is currently around Gold Nova 4,but we have lots of silver players and a handful of SMFC-Global Elite members.

Our group is organised to allow you to play whatever way you wish to, be it relaxing in casual modes or forming a team to try and seriously climb up the rank ladder. You can choose!

There are no sneering, pompous types here to belittle and devalue you. All our members have the same worth to us, we understand there are real people behind those screens!

So if you are tired of solo Q, tired of joining groups only to be ignored, tired of not having people to regularly play with, this is exactly what you are looking for.

All we ask is you contribute regularly in some small way, be it joining teams for MM or saying "Hi!" in the chat now and then. Not every day, not even once a week, but often enough for us to know you are still with us!

Our community is centred around our Discord server, and as we are all adults the humour in the chat can sometimes be a little mature. If you are easily offended or upset, or you are deeply religious this may not be the group for you. But you can always try us out and see if you like it!

We even have our own awesome group logo!

So if this sounds like something you may want to be part of, and you have read and reread the post above just to be sure, simply visit www.winterclan.com and join our discord https://discord.gg/RAcgDTU

Most communities seem to be huge, sprawling groups of faceless people that never interact.

Winterclan is the exact, old-fashioned opposite of that. We want to know the person behind the screen, not decide their value based on a scoreboard! Sounds good, right?

So thanks for reading, have a think, feel free to contact us here with any questions at all, and we look forward to meeting you and improving your precious game time!

Remember to join us on discord! https://discord.gg/RAcgDTU
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