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Need players esl team eu and na

MrEpicLolManMrEpicLolMan Member Posts: 39 Rookie
Need good players both for our na and eu team 

We would prefer if u a had esl experience
Minimum rank 200 
Must now callouts on evry map
Must be available to play almost evry day

Write a comment what role u play and a little about urself and i will get in contact with u                      


  • Nike_chillsNike_chills Member Posts: 9 Rookie
    Is it good if I can play 3 times a day
  • That_Super_Stego That_Super_Stego Member Posts: 18 Rookie
    Yo I've been playing since beta I have a level of 270 I play everyday I'm a flex player Psn is That_Super_Stego I used to own a team and have played in several tournaments(kd is **** I know I didn't play competitively until recently
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