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Looking for a team on Rainbow 6 Siege to send to events and compete!

RGL Griff XVRGL Griff XV Member Posts: 3 Rookie
Hello everyone,
I am Griff, I am the Founding Leader of Redemption Gaming.
We are starting up competitive teams for R6Siege!!

We are looking for either Full Teams or Individuals looking to grow in competitive gaming. We plan to take these teams to MLG/Pro Events with skill level and team requirements. We have a gaming community with over 300 members that can support these players as well. We have Merch, a discord, a website, and so much more!
If you are a team or player who is looking to grow so much into diving into Pro League gaming and being able to attend events, let me know!

Please message me on Discord @ RGL Griff XV#8868
or on xbox/microsoft @ RGL Griff XV
or message me here!

Thanks and we hope to see you here!
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