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Team Psycho is starting a Rocket League team and needs 2 GC players

ZephyrFTWZephyrFTW Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Team Psycho is a revised version of its previous team that will overall provide more than what it used to and Team Psycho is looking for a filling in its Rocket League team. Some of the requirements to join the are:

OCE Players Only
  • Age of 14+
  • A Rank of Grand Champ
Team Psycho's priority is to create an engaging Esports community that balances both content creation and competitive play. We want to give you the opportunity to succeed as a team and maybe also as a content creator. We are always working to create this space and to give the players resources such as GFX or video editors (but do keep in mind that the team is still growing)

If you are interested in joining or have any questions about this, please message ZephyrFTW #0012

hope to hear from some of you soon


  • LollinotrolloneLollinotrollone Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    Hi! im Lollino Trollone, im a C3/GC and i want to join your team but first i want to know wat kind of team are you.
    Tell me all information about:
    - How many are you
    - How many sponsor you have
    - If you partecipate at ESL or RLCS
    - What region you from (IM FROM EUROPE)
    - if the team can pay their own professional players monthly
    - How much did you pay
    For know how high is my skill check:
    - My instagram: A_casual_rocket_player
    - My YouTube Channel: Lollino Trollone
    - My rank stats: https://rocketleague.tracker.network/profile/steam/76561198139933692
    Have fun my friend and enjoy your day!slight_smile
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