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NorseNorse Member Posts: 4 Rookie
Team Galaxy is a start-up org looking for teams. We put a very heavy focus on our players and community to assure the best experience for the players and good teams for the community to enjoy! The following is a list of requirements:
  • NA Players Only
  • Age of 16+
  • A Rank of at Diamond 1+
  • Coaches Can get by with lower ranks but must have mass game knowledge.
At Team Galaxy our priority is you. We want to give you the opportunity to succeed as a team. We are constantly working to make sure that we are providing whatever possible for our teams to perform at there best.

If you are interested in applying, please join our discord (link at bottom of post). Also attached below is a template of our player contract to view.

If you have questions I am Norse#1302 in discord feel free to DM!!

Thank you for your interest in Team Galaxy!!

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