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Looking for Support Player. [EU/PS4]

EmPizGoDEmPizGoD Member Posts: 38 Rookie

God Given Talent eSports is looking for a support who knows how to play the support role and fortunately has ESL/Comp experience.

Basic Requirements:

- Must have and be active on Discord.
- Age: 16+
- Availibilty: 6pm-10pm GMT
- Rank: Plat 3+
- K.D.: 0,9+
- Able to take criticism.
- Decent Gamesense, Average Aim, Decent Comms, Hard Breach "Expert".

What we can offer:

- Weekly Schedule.
- Daily Scrims
- ESL Tournaments, Discord Leagues.
- Social Media Support.
- Structured and Organized.

If your interested please join our Discord Server:


  • rAcCo0n_N0_FpSrAcCo0n_N0_FpS Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    I would like to join your team, i meet all of the requirements and im plat 3.
    Btw discord invite is invalid for me.
  • bhogarth55bhogarth55 Member Posts: 14 Rookie
    Hello I am 15 and I am at gold cause it is end of season but if u look at my stats it will tell u I am plat and I can play support
  • bhogarth55bhogarth55 Member Posts: 14 Rookie
    And I have had experience in ESL
  • RaulorenRauloren Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    Im plat 1 and have been diamond before, i play on EU and my kd is 1.4, i’ve never played esl before but I fit the requirements, my psn is Rauloren, the discord link doesn’t work so you can get in touch through psn to organise a tryout of somesort
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