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[EU] SFD-Gaming Europe Academy +3 (IGL, Main AWP and Entry fragger)

chippy-chippy- Member Posts: 4 Rookie

We at SFD-Gaming Europe Academy are looking for +3 to complete our roster we are searching an IGL, main awper and Entry fragger

Our goals are to build a solid five that will remain together for multiple seasons and to reach ESEA Intermediate 

Currently in the team:
chippy- ☯ (Faceit Lvl 5 / Global / 3,600Hours / 21 Years old)
rndYYYx (Faceit Lvl 7 / Global / 4,300Hours / 29 Years old)

What we can offer you:
- Gameserver
- Teamspeak / Discord server
- Caster for our games on our channel
- Lan support
- Own shop with merch
- Rewards for advancement / achievement of goals
- Own team manager
- Years of experience of Managements
- 20 years of organisation
- further we could clarify in a personal conversation

What you should bring:
- Tilt Proof
- Atleast faceit Lvl 5
- Atleast 3,000 Hours (Exceptions can be made)
- Atleast 18 (Exceptions can be made)
- Lots of time for team/personal pracc
- Able to take constructive criticism 
- Team experience
- Dedication/Motivation

If this post appeals to you add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/chippycss/ Looking forward to your message :D

SFD-Gaming social media's:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SFDGaming
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SFDGamingcom/
Website: https://www.sfd-gaming.com/


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