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Recruiting Rocket League Player Ranks Diamond 3 - GC

maxamatatmaxamatat Member Posts: 1 Visitor
We are a new Rocket League team looking for members to compete in tourneys!


  • RiLaRo_RiLaRo_ Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hey im a diamond 3 div 2 in 3's and a diamond 3 div 4 in 2's. i would like to be apart of your team. I play on playstation my psn is RiLaRo_ ive been playing rocket league since season 2 but i never really did my best on competitive. turns out im a decent player so i want to join a team to play consistently. Rick
  • InferniousInfernious Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hello, I'm Infernious, XBOX player. I'm currently C2 in 2s, and C1 in 3s. I have only played my placements in 3s for a couple of season, although I am confident that I could do well in 3s. My main focus has been mechanics and positioning. My challenges are relatively good, and my game speed keeps up with that of a 1700 MMR friend. Shoot me a message on xbox, or message me on here if you are interested.
  • sosandreu1095sosandreu1095 Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hey! I am champ 2 / 1 in 3vs3 and champ1 in 2vs2. I ll m interested to joining the team
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