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I'm Looking For A Team To Play With In The Big Leagues

SirDisickSirDisick Member Posts: 3 Rookie
I'm Plat 3 and have been for most seasons, I have a 1.0 KD and am looking to join a team that wants to enter as many tournaments and are dedicated to getting better. I'm believe I am a great player when I have a good team in ear. Thank you


  • YeahBoii_PHYeahBoii_PH Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    Hello, our squad NSG is available for recruitment. If you are interested in tryouts. Add me on psn YeahBoii_PH. We will soon do ranks to be a better team and soon be joining GO4 and Major Tournaments on Esl.
  • UNLUCKY_SUPER_UNLUCKY_SUPER_ Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    Hey, I am looking for a team that is serious. The last team I joined wasn't serious. I am a plat player who know every map all callouts, Smoke/hard breacher can play anyone you need me to. 1.3 kd knowledgable player  
  • PureLuck_LPGPureLuck_LPG Member Posts: 16 Rookie
    LPG is always recruiting. No tryouts. 18+ to compete but can join at 14. No rank requirements. Just have to join the discord. Next season we will be hitting it hard as a group to do ranked together
  • TOT_-HSD-_OGTOT_-HSD-_OG Member Posts: 7 Rookie
    Dynami ESports
    A team willing to grow (even the painful parts) and learn together.
    • Must be Plat lll + 
    • Must have a minimum K/D ratio of 1.0
    • Must have Map Knowledge 
    • Must be willing to put time and effort into the training schedule

    What we will offer
    • A great and friendly environment of wonderful people 
    • The chance to participate in GO4s and League games

    Dm me if interested and provide the following:
    • PSN Gamertag
    • Age
    • K/D ratio ( overall and ranked )
    • Top 5 Atk ops
    • Top 5 Def ops
    • Any other info about yourself

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