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[EU] Looking for RLSS ? Want to create a new team ?

StarKStarK Member Posts: 1 One post wonder

I am KeyLai and i am looking to try the RLSS (Rocket League Spring Series) with a new team 
I am looking for highly motivated players with a positive mind set! (and at least 15 years old otherwise we can't try serious tournament). As you can imagine i really want to play at a high competitive level (my highest rank have been 1800mmr i know it is not that high but we all gotta start somewhere right!) I also want to build a strong and united team over time and then take on the RLRS and ofc RLCS. My goal there is to try and learn from it, i know that i probably don't have the level yet but even if it take time i am ready and i will make it!! 

+ I am 17 years old and i am french (my english is good enough... normally) =)
So if you are interested and have the motivation then message me on discord 

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