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Steph ESLPLAY Admin let The Other Team Win On A Broken Server.

HarmonyyyHarmonyyy Member Posts: 1 Rookie
We followed one of your administrators advise for our match were we accidentally broke some rules, we were unaware and obeyed the admins rules, he instructed us to remove our character skins and \"restart the game\" we changed the skins and the admin diapered, once we rejoined the server it merged our team with theirs so we were physically unable to play, we told this to the admin and his instructions were to \"rejoin or get disqualified\" we tried to tell the admin the issues, he told us we should have paused, this whole issue started, Because the server was broken and we were unable to pause the match, so we physically could not pause the game to continue, the opposing team took advantage of this and kept playing while we were trying to contact the admin, the other team acted like children and just worsening the situation begging the admin to DQ us for \"cheating\" i hope you can find a way to stop this happening as your admins are supposed to maintain structure.


  • ArgusArgus Member, ESL Staff, Global Moderator Posts: 18 ✭✭
    Hello Harmonyyy,

    If you have an issue, please create a support ticket about it, as complaining about it on the forums is not the way to deal with this.


    ESL Admin and Global Forum Moderator
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