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[NA] Crossbar Cowboys - Looking to fill out a roster with 6 people

GunnerGunner Member Posts: 2 Rookie
edited April 19 in Recruitment
Hello, my friend and I are looking to find players that want to compete with us at a high level. We are not an up and coming organization, but rather just some dudes looking for a team to play in tournaments and win with.

We are looking for players wanting to compete at the highest level of play, eventually hoping to achieve RLRS and possibly RLCS in the future. We hope to get the roster we are looking for, practice with that team, and be ready for the next season of RLRS where we will try to make a run. 

We are looking to have a full roster that consists of 3 active, and 3 substitutes. 

MMR Requirements (from the end of season 13) - 1530 +

MMR doesn't always show skill level, but we feel this is the best way to find the proper level we are looking for.

If interested contact me on discord - Gunner#0674
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