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Dragonite eSports - LF1 3v3 Standard (Champ 3+)

SphynxEUSphynxEU Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
Greetings all!

SphynxEU here, player of Dragonite eSports. We are looking for a committed third to complete our roster who can create chemistry between all 3 players. We play every single day, do tournaments when we can and we will move onto RLRS in Season 10. We are looking for professionalism, maturity and excellence. We fully understand that bad days are bad, but that shouldn't de-motivate you. We have a few members who have competed in LAN events and will do their best to get into the next RLRS.

We compete on:
RLRS (Season 10 Coming Soon)

-16+ Years Old (Contract)
-Champion III +
-Determined to improve
-Available for training, tournaments and anything we have planned

Anyone under the age of 18 will have to get their parent to sign the contracted document in their own name for legal purposes.

Best way to contact myself:
Discord: Sphynx#1224


  • RampageRLRampageRL Member Posts: 4 One post wonder
    Champion III, discord is Rampage#2511
  • milanvb1milanvb1 Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    Last season GC in 3v3, now c2 in 3v3 because I focussed on 2s. Discord: milanvb1 #7883
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