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Arctic Gaming (XB1 And PC) (N/A And EU Based) Is Doing Tryouts For The Comp Team

RooM ReapeRRooM ReapeR Member Posts: 47 Rookie
Arctic Gaming (XB1 And PC) (N/A And EU Based) We Are Looking For People To Join Our R6 Comp Team As Well As Team Captains And Team Managers For XB1 Need A Team Manager For PC Must Be Able 
To Abide By Clan Set Rules Seeking Absouletly No Time Wasters Or Toxics SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!!!! For Serious Competetive Players ONLY!!! We Are An Organization That Has Been Around For A 
Little While Now Have Competed In Leagues Such As ESL, And MMGL Are Sponsered By GGBRACLETS, Rogue Energy, And Fatal Grips, Eager To Get More Sponsers Within Time ORG Goal:We Want A Team 
That Can Play Well Together And Build Team Chemistry To Take Us To The Big Leagues And R6 Tournaments Aswell Gamertag Changes Are Required Looking For Laidback, Relaxed, MATURE, And Chill 
People But Also Knows When To Be Serious Kinda People Staff Member Postions Avalible Admin Postions Avalible GFX and Editor Postions Avalible Team Captain And Team Manager Postions 
Avalible For XB1 Team Manager Postion Avalible For PC Do Not Apply If Toxic Will Get A Kick Or Perma Banned If Interested In Joining Please Message My Gamertag:RooM ReapeR Or My Discord: 
Arctic ReapeR#6381 
-Arctic Gaming Founder & Head C.E.O. Of Operations 

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