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Getting screwed on madden ESL tourneys

PickSickxPickSickx Member Posts: 1 Visitor
This is unreal. This ya the 3rd time within 5 days of playing tourneys where I win the game and somehow the opponent finesses me. I’ve reported and showed screenshots but they still can’t always fix it. Monday night I played 7 hours and got to the finals and beat the guy in the semis by 30. During the game it said match result in so I pause and noticed he said he won.....which was wrong....and also he entered it while the game was still in progress which is illegal. I reported it to admin and they said I didn’t let them know in enough time and there’s no way for them to change it with the Swiss tourney structure. Unbelievable they can’t fix this. They need better structure and better admin it’s piss poor.
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