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Blur eSports looking for players!

Blur eSportsBlur eSports Member Posts: 1 Visitor
- In need of teammates?
- Trying to find tournaments, scrims and events?
- Maybe even a new team?
If you are having any of these problems consider Blur eSports.
We are an ORG called Blur eSports. Blur eSports is a new EU based org for Rocket League players on PC. We are looking to expand our ORG to help out you guys to get the good experience every player deserves. We are also recruiting staff and players for our team "Blur eSports" (1700-1850 MMR). We even provide a free logo as well!
If you want to join pm: EræZøR#2402, Magik#5221, kappri.#0001 or RIVAL | Lunziq #0001


  • AflictionAfliction Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Premium Esports League, a renowned Esports league, has created a Rocket League discord.

    Already with 350+ players in our siege discord, RL Premium Esports has over 80+ players already within a few days. Our first tournament, May 15th, is already full and will be live on our official discord.

    We invite you to join our discord and get familiar with our organization! We will be hosting tournaments almost every week and invite you to play! We have a variety of players and aim for you to have fun! 

    We have a well-equipped staff to help you! We also are hiring for commentators/streamers, chat mods, human resources mods, and bracket mods!

    If you want to join, feel free to click this link ----> https://discord.gg/AamWngN

    We hope that you enjoy your experience in our server/tourneys/league! 

    HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? We can address them in the discord itself (finding teammates, etc.).
  • HoruZz__HoruZz__ Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    I have send you an add friend on the game
  • HoruZz__HoruZz__ Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    discord: arnau#8442
  • spoodzspoodz Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    edited June 6

  • karmaeykarmaey Member Posts: 2 Rookie
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