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ESL needs to work a lot for fifa tournaments. Sunday Swiss Open Cup No 15 story Europe East.

stonehand94stonehand94 Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Hello everyone,

I would like to share my experience this weekend,  11-12 April 2020. Due to Coronavirus, I was super bored at home. I love fifa tournaments, they give me adrenaline. I won a fifa tournament in my university years, it was really fun! I really like fifa in social events and I love to win in tournaments, it feels good :D So when I was super bored at home, I searched for tournaments for fifa and found ESL gaming. This weekend I joined to three tournaments, first one was really bad, figured that Liverpool was not for me. In the second one, I was 2-0, then me and my opponent could not join the game, my opponent made a protest and the admin decided to make him win, I was apparently too late to answer the protest, but anyway no hard feelings.

Then my last tournament, I am 4-0 up, I am still active and not eliminated while I am writing this thread. For three hours I am expecting a new game, unfortunately I have been told that due to system error I will not be able to play, so I am eliminated without losing, doesnt sound nice does it?

In my 4th game, I was winning my game 6-2, my opponent decides to rage quit (why would you rage quit in a tournament anyway, fifa community is so bad). I took photos on my phone and even videos just in case, but I was sure that I wouldnt need to use it. I was so wrong! They made me LOSE for a game which my opponent rage quit after losing 6-2! I learned this after 25 minutes by the way, I was curious why I was not progressed to next round, this was why. I had to waste my minutes to use screenshots to prove that I have won and my opponent rage quit. They then gave me the win. I was happy. Then, nothing happened, It was round 8 and I was like, hey why I am not playing it is 23 pm and my last game was at 20pm, I made another report (5th report today, incredible...), then admin told me that because I was late to report, I was not progressed to the next game.

ESL Team, you really need to work on your server issues and decision in the game. This is not acceptable at all. I will not play ESL tournaments for a long time, I really want to, but with these problems it just isnt fun, admin told me that I should take screenshots, why do I need to take screenshots every game? Is this my job? My job is to play and try to win, this is not acceptable. I really hate Ultimate Team by the way so I really had high hopes for ESL tournaments, it is competitive with normal clubs which I love, however with so many problems, it is not fun as I expected.

Peace out xx


  • oOoTOP_CAToOooOoTOP_CAToOo Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Today was my first experience of an ESL FIFA tournament, like yourself I was very excited and the adrenaline kicked in! All I can say is, by the end of it I was hugely disappointed, after receiving a loss for a match that hadn't even been played. I joined the game twice and for some reason my opponent left the select team screens twice. When I tried to join a 3rd time it said "unable to join", so I tried adding my opponent but they did not accept my friend request. I protested the result but an admin responded saying "You did not enter the lobby in time, therefore the result stands". That was that. I got the loss... The funny thing is I definitely joined the match twice and it was within the first 5 minutes of receiving the notification. 
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