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MrEpicLolManMrEpicLolMan Member Posts: 39 Rookie
Hello we are a team who have 3 People on the roster and we are looking for 2 more players we are looking for all types or roles and all of us are plat - Diamond. We want compete in all turnaments and possible go far with this new roster. We can offer u daily scrims and league matches and all turnaments. If u wanna join add me on ps4: Mrepiclolman (EU) (PS4)


  • Sealteam_arse10Sealteam_arse10 Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    My psn is sealteam_arse10 go plat every season and I have been diamond one season. I have ESL experience. Add me
  • conde...conde... Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    My Id is Conde... got plat every season in pc, was a diamond on ps4 and I play r6 since the beta.
  • lil_boy0904lil_boy0904 Member Posts: 4 One post wonder
    my psn is idontjuul (capital i btw) i have been plat 1 and plat 2 the past 4 seasons with a 1.2 kd. i have esl experience. i need a team
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