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Hi, my name is Snaque and I'm here to recruit a Rocket League Coach/Sub for eSports organization Exxel Gaming!

Exxel Gaming has teams in many different games including Rocket League, which consists of 3 1700+ MMR players and we're looking for a coach as well as a sub, but both roles could be filled by the same person!

In a coach, we're looking for someone who has lots of experience with high-level gameplay and knowledge of the many critical points of Rocket League. It would be important for this coach to have a rank higher than Champ 2 in order to give ample advice to the players.

As for a sub, we need somebody who is at least Grand Champ, no lower. They need to be able to play to the standard of the main players, and needs to be active as well!

We will be hosting sessions in the near future, because we want to make sure we get the right fit to our team!

For questions or to apply, please contact me or Waffless on discord: Snaque#6702 or Waffless#9858

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Xx_streammer_xXXx_streammer_xX Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    It seems your discord name doesn’t work, can you just add me on discord 4HHHHs#6592  (I’m a little under the coaching rank)
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