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Tournament dont join

Just_Saiyann1Just_Saiyann1 Member Posts: 2 Rookie
I have another problem with the tournament, it has happen 3 times that im winning a match. & then My opponent quits and I GET THE LOSS ! ( i contacted them as soon as possible) But they said “open a ticket” EVERTIME I TRY TO OPEN A NEW TICKET IT HAS SAID ERROR !!! The 3 times . THIS TIME I WAS IN THE QUARTER FINALS . never playing tournament again


  • LjayESLLjayESL GermanyMember, ESL Staff, Global Moderator, Global Staff Head, Staff Head Posts: 250 ✭✭
    Hello @Just_Saiyann1

    you have to open a Protest if this happen! 

    1. Event Tab
    2. My Tournaments
    3. go to the Match with the Problem
    4. click on open Supprt
    Then the Match will stopp until the Problem is done.

    best regards,
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