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NEVER RECIEVED MY FIFA POINTS FOR FIFA 20 (PS4) 1on1 Monday Open Cup #4 North America West

canep92canep92 Member Posts: 1 Visitor
I tried to get in touch with admins as well but never got in touch with them. i went up to semis on the mentioned tourney but have still not gotten the points even though a week has passed on. could someone please look into it and let me know. and let me know if anybody else had the same issue.


  • ramzzmramzzm Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Me either. Finished quarter final but haven’t received the points yet.
    Is this a scam?
  • LjayESLLjayESL GermanyMember, ESL Staff, Global Moderator, Global Staff Head, Staff Head Posts: 250 ✭✭
    hello canep92,

    please open a Support Ticket here.

    best regards,
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