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Exility Esports Recruiting Serious Competive Players

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About Us:

Hey everyone Exility Esports is a new organization founded April 2020 looking to start off strong. We are mainly a Rocket League team as of now but are open to branching out later. Right now we are looking to recruit for our first few teams. We not only want people who are looking to play competitive we are also looking for content creators, designers, freestylers, streamers, coaches, and managers so everyone has a chance to make it here. 

Why Join Us?:

We will go above and beyond to find tournaments, matches, leagues, and scrimmages for out players to compete in. Once we have our rosters you can expect dedicated coaches and managers for each team. In our discords we will hold community events every week to provide a fun dynamic to the rather competitive atmosphere. 


Our main requirement is that you must play on PC, be on North America Servers, and have and be familiar with Discord. We are looking for competitive players rank C3+ for the main "A" team, BUT everyone is welcome as we will have more than 1 team. If you want to join we will have our full list of requirements in the discord.

Contact Us: 

Discord: ImPhinton#2184



  • twitch_maxbalootwitch_maxbaloo Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    I'm looking to become a Marketing Manager, For your team. My Discord is Maxbaloo79#9744
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