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[EU] Yevey eSports | Looking for 2020/21 Roster

Yevey eSportsYevey eSports Member Posts: 4 Rookie
edited March 2020 in Recruitment
Hello, We're Yevey eSports, We are a western CS:GO eSports team. We're looking to bring a new set of players onto our roster for the new year.

If you are interested in joining please make sure you meet these requirements:
 RANK: MM: SMFC+ ESEA: A+...+ FACEIT: Level 9+
You REQUIRE a good microphone,
Able to take criticism,
Be able to speak conversational English,
And most importantly: Being able to work in a TEAM!

 What are the benefits of joining Yevey eSports?
If you have made it onto our official roster here are some of the perks you can look forward to:
 - Have your ESEA/FACEIT accounts paid for in full by us.
 - Have your accommodation & travel paid for when travelling to tournaments.
 - Have custom Jerseys with Team logo & Name on
 - Keep up to 70% of all tournament winnings!
 If you are interested in joining please either email us at: [email protected] or join our discord: https://discord.gg/J6vQtFF


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