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Team HotShot is recruiting!

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Team HotShot.

About the team.
Hello me [oSnow] and my friend [Vemzee] started a Rocket League team named Team HotShot.
Why? Because we wanna start aiming for people that have talent, starting a roster and if we have enough members we can start our own tournaments!
This team is only based on Rocket League.

If you feel like you're good enough for the team your more then welcome to apply!
We aim for Platinum and above players, PC or PS4 but mostly pc, our goal is to go pro and build up a team community.

What we wanna achieve.
To get a strong team and compete against others teams and learn team plays, i know it will take alot of practice and time to achieve what we wanna achieve!

If you wanna join pm me or my friend on discord or send a dm on twitter!

oSnow: oSnow [xVelt]#3108
Vemzee: Vemzee#6441

Links of the team.

Our Twitch:


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