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We are looking for last guy to our team(prefer IGL) CZ/SK(maybe other countries)

R4D0R4D0 Member Posts: 1 Visitor
We are looking for last player 3k hours +-.(prefer IGL), who will take it serious and who is trying to be better.Who can play every day from 13:00-21:00, in school days from 16-21. Looking for faceit lvl 9+
We are playing only popflash and tournaments on sites.
If you are crying after every death, u r toxic or something like this dont waste our time!
What we will play in future: LAN tournaments, leagues
About us:
Skajdedd- 5,8k hours (awp)
Dandy - 2k (entry fragger)
TraXi- 5k (entry)
R4D0- 3k (rifler,sec awp)


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