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Swith eSports Recruitment [NA][STEAM]

NexiniteNexinite Member Posts: 9 Rookie
Hello, Swith eSports is now available for one spot on our B-Team. I will post requirements below. If you pass all of them, please join our discord down below, if not, you can still join to support, and DM me @Nexinite for recruitment, and we will have you go through an Interview and a recruitment area. Join quick, or else the spot might fill. We will be accepting really, anyone tonight willing to participate. Results would be posted tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!

AGE: 15+
RANK: GC+ (1600-1800)
COMMITMENT: At least play an hour a day
MATURITY: Act mature, no raging, help teammates if needed

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SgyMqnH

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