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[EU] ProZium ESPORTS - Looking for the next upcoming talent!

EquilibriumEquilibrium Member Posts: 3 Rookie


ProZium ESPORTS was founded in March 2020. Its physical location is in the beautiful town of Karlstad, Sweden.


The motivational power in ProZium ESPORTS is to create stimulating synergy in a group of people to provide the competitive gaming scene with top-quality entertainment. Sportsmanship and respectful reception

are valued as the highest standards by us. We believe the esports scene will expand even faster compared to recent years, and we think the capacity of many players out there should have their chance to reach their goals.


ProZium ESPORTS is growing and needs your help to evolve further. Check for currently open positions if you are interested in becoming an essential part of this organization.

Visit proziumesports.com for more information.


  • AciidiittyAciidiitty Member Posts: 2 Rookie

    I am looking for a team EU, i have been searching for a while but wanted to make a precise decision and a careful one too. my main account will be UN-banned at the end of the month if you are willing to give me a shot? my discord is CES-Aciiddiitty#2627 
  • WingedReaper27WingedReaper27 Member Posts: 29 Rookie
    Hey man, I am looking to prove myself worthy of a team and I am wondering if you can try me out. My discord is Saves4Days#0197.
  • FueltheScarFueltheScar Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    LFT EU
    -Age: 16
    -Rank: Platinum 3 (already hit platinum 2 this season)
    -R6Tab/Stats: DM me
    -Nationality: British
    -Roles: Fragger/Flex
    -Languages: Native English
    -Played in multiple t3 teams, 
    -Played in multiple ESL tournaments as well as hydro league, notorious league and ESA contenders

  • EquilibriumEquilibrium Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Please visit our website for more information and sending in your applications. Thank you!

    ProZium ESPORTS
  • EquilibriumEquilibrium Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    At the moment, we are looking to fill our roster with competitively experienced players (+18). Roles we require is entry fraggers and roamers.
    Are you driven? Eager to evolve both individually and as a team in the long term? Do you value sportsmanship and respect as a base for your personality?
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