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Power Of Teamplay is recruiting EU players

ClickyClicky Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
About us: 

Power Of Teamplay is a Europe gaming organization. We play other games for example Call of Duty, CS:GO and trackmania 2. We in Power Of teamplay are nice to each other. We are competing in Rocket League and other games. we had some rough times in the past of finding players, but now we are looking for players to compete in Rocket league. We hope to set up scrims in the near future. We have strong outlook and what is yet to come fo the organization, hope to see you apart of it. 

We're looking for:

We are mainly looking for players that are Champion 1 and higher so we can build a solid 3s along with a sub. We may also be putting together a 2s team to also compete if 3s aren't your thing. If you have good mechanics and your skill level is good, your the one.If you are interested in Power Of Teamplay. This does not have to be your current rank, if you are lower ranks such as diamond 2-3 or lower don't feel left out. Everyone has a chance within our organization. 

The plan:

Weplan to get a solid team together of high champions that will eventually be the main team for Power Of Teamplay and compete in tournaments to gain exposure. We would like to eventually get this team to a higher level like RLRS. Keep in mind this will take time and a lot of trail and error with roster to really find a solid team that is conistent.

If you're interested in possibly being apart of Power Of Teamplay and taking the next step in Rocket League feel free yo comment your Discord name with the #0000 and we will get in contact with you within 24 hours!


  • RapseyRapsey Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    Hi! Im Rapsei!
    14 y.o
    Mid C3 in 2v2
    Have played in teams before
    + Have a YouTube channel: Rapsei

  • DAK0T3Z1DAK0T3Z1 Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited March 21
    Hi! I'm maciej
    Rocket id is PS4#3372
    Plat 2 in rumble in normal silver cause i don't play that often on competitive
    Have a small youtube channel called DAK0T3Z1
    LEVEL is 105
    Hopefully i have a chance of making it in
  • PlatahpusPlatahpus Member Posts: 8 Rookie
  • jensonwlsnjensonwlsn Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    GC(atm 1550ish in 2s and 3s)

  • KiQKiQ Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    GC in 3s 1550ish
    GC in 2s 1580ish

    have solo qued so far, but am always reading my random mates well enough, to grind to my mmrs solo
  • AyyJambiiAyyJambii Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    PSN - AyyJambii
    Champ 2 in 3s n 2s
    Was C3 in 3s but solo queued n got unlucky
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