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C3 peak looking for a team [EU]

dxDkdxDk Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
edited March 11 in Recruitment
Hello, my name is Dominik, im from Germany and im 21 years old. I managed to improve quite a bit and hit c3 (1447 atm) in 2s, and c2 in 3s. All my friends are way below me and i would like to try to keep improving with the help of a team. I have experience playing in a overwatch team, but not in RL yet. If you are interested, let me know :) (discord: dxDk#9770)


  • RapseyRapsey Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    Hey, i am currently c2 div4/ c3 in 2v2' jumping between them, and am almost c2 in 3v3, mostly because i never had real teammates to play with, i really want to join this team.
    Discord: Rapsei#3268
    Age: 14
    Have Microfone
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