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Vendetta eSports Looking For 1 More C2 Player As Well As A Sub!

kozukozu Member Posts: 10 Rookie
Vendetta eSports is a newly created team that will be participating in tournaments and competitive matchmaking games. The team consists of C1/C2 players that are willing to play and practice together. 
If you are interested add me on discord (kozu#3882) or drop yours below.


  • WarhorseWarhorse Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    I'm interested, and added you on Discord, Chiaggi#0499. I'm currently Champ 2 Div. 2 in 2s and 3s. I'm free most weekdays and I can plan around tournaments on the weekends.
  • CaseymfDavisCaseymfDavis Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    edited March 13
    Im interested, i added you on discord mine is CaseymfDavis#8491. My ranks right now are (Champ 2 Div.3 2s, Champ 2 Div2 3s, Champ3 div 1 1s) i play almost everyday im on alot im free whenever i need to be available 
    MY Servers Are: NAW 
  • TTV.CharperrrrTTV.Charperrrr Member Posts: 4 Rookie
  • CalaxicCalaxic Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    edited March 21
    My name is chance, I am interested i have been looking for a team for a while now my highest is c3 and thats solo queing id really enjoy finding a team that will have the dedication to practice and grow together i am available all week days and most weekends looking forward to hearing back from yall Discord calaxic#4522

  • PippsPipps Member Posts: 12 Rookie
  • rlVortexrlVortex Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    edited March 29
    I'm interested im c2 d2 in 3s and 2s add me on disc rlVortex#7374
  • Jewstin__Jewstin__ Member Posts: 8 Rookie
    Im a C2 in 3s as well add me Jewstin__#3977
  • OofOof Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    region? I'm c3 in 2s and c1 in 3s Oof#5115
  • D3RSD3RS Member Posts: 4 One post wonder
    if you still need players add me @D3RS#1849
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